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Our Projects. 

We are currently working to get Tango Down! published through a leading war games publisher. We want to build a customer base that want to play our card games that pair industry leading art with fun cooperative and adversarial mechanics.

Tango Down!

Tango Down! is a cooperative card and dice driven game in which players take control of an elite international counter terrorism unit known as SATRN (Special Anti-Terror Response Network). Team based communication, taking action, and effective decision making are required to successfully take down tangos while securing objectives.


Deal with the challenges the enemy deck throws at you while making sure your team doesn't deck out. Always make sure to have cards in hand, because if you get hit, you are forced to discard. If you must discard with no cards in hand, you are out of the game.

We took some of the concepts that make hex map turn based concept fun, but threw out the counters and hundred page rule books. Easy to learn and quick to pickup and play at any table with your friends.

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