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We are working to bring everyone our
cooperative card game inspired by modern first person shooters.
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About Us

P​egasus Project Games is a collection of individuals working together to expand their skills and talents through a new creative outlet. Through peer based cooperation, we aim to put forth an amazing game product with high end art.


Pairing amazing art with quick and fun cooperative game play, we bring you our first game, Tango Down!  It is suitable for 2 to 4 people, and we hope to add many new features through our Kickstarter campaign and stretch goals. 


The top games on the market and Kickstarter continue to contain more and more amazing art and concepts.  To make our games look great, we have teamed up with the insanely talented Seattle based artist, designer, & illustrator Ian Boe. 


Our game Tango Down is being Kickstarted and hope to bring it to table near you. Find us on our Facebook page or Twitter to keep up with any local play tests at our favorite friendly local gaming stores.


Latest Project


Our website should be easy to navigate! Check it out!


Check out all the art on display by navigating to the art page.

Tango Down! is a cooperative card driven modern combat game.  We took the combat elements we love in miniature and hex based war-gaming, and paired it with a card game and cooperative role-play mechanic. All art on the cards will be photo realistic, and we hope it will be the best looking game of it's kind.

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